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The Ethiopian-Canadian Community Association in Edmonton (ECCAE) is a non-profit community based organization established in the Edmonton in 1982. ECCAE is committed to meeting the cultural, social, economic and psychological needs of the immigrant community in their effort to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society in their new country, Canada.


The Center provides various educational and community services to Ethio-Canadians who need assistance in their effort to achieve economic self-sufficiency and social integration.


Since its inception in 1982, ECCAE has provided services to over thousands of clients and has been supported by local and state governments, foundations and individuals. ECCAE’s services include translation and interpretation, employment assistance, computer training, immigration and citizenship assistance. Programs run by ECCAE include professional networking, family programs, youth programs and kids programs. The programs aim to inform, educate and empower parents, the youth and kids.


ECCAE has also been very successful as a cultural ambassador of Ethiopia in Edmonton for many years.


ECCAE is run by an active Board of Directors elected from within the Ethio-Canadian Community in Edmonton. A dedicated professional staff made up of an Executive Director, Administrative and Program Coordinator, part-time Instructors and volunteers implement ECCAE’s programs.


Board Members: 

Mrs. Meheret Worku, President

Mrs. Beza Arega, Secretary

Mr. Beneyam Zeleke, Treasurer

Mr. Solomon Bekele, Member

Mr. Fekadu Gebru, Member

Mr. Daniel Abera, Member

Our Vision

To be the best Community Association and be a role model to others.




Our Mission

To continuously meet the needs of our community members, our beloved home land Ethiopia and our adopted country Canada.




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