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Below is a gallery of our community volunteers in action

The Ethio-Canadians community in Edmonton participates in several community events and functions. You are invited to volunteer to the  following events:

1. Yearly Heritage Festival 

2. Facility Cleaning

3. Making Coffee at out "Nu Buna Tetu ኑ ቡና ጠጡ" program

4. Translator service

5. Amharic language teaching

6. Teaching basic computer skills

7. Helping out during the Literature and Immigrants Experience Night program


Please fill out the following form if you want to give your volunteer service. Indicate your availability and  which program/event you are interested to volunteer.


Please volunteer for the following


SAT APR 18, 2015  5:30 PM


Literature and Art Event

SAT APR 25, 2015  4:30 PM


Hertage Dance Training

SAT APR 25, 2015  4:30 PM


Liberary & Archive

SAT MAY 02, 2015 11:30 AM



SAT MAY 09, 2015 5:30 PM


Nu Buna Tetu Event




















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